About MedCIRC

MedCIRC has defined its purpose as being a health care service that empowers doctors and their communities with an innovative business strategy. We envisage a holistic approach, focusing on regional hospitals, emergency departments, aged care facilities, general practice as well as after-hours services in communities.


Creating MedCIRC portfolios of innovative and integrated holistic health hubs

MedCIRC’s mission statement articulates the company’s identity, its currentbusiness offerings as well as its purpose, which is what doctors and communities deserve in the context of holistic Healthcare offerings.


Model Empowering Doctors towards a value proposition for themselves and their communities.


C Collaboration – We believe in the power of working together to enhance the Value Chain System.

I Integrity – We work with trust, transparency and honesty

R Resilience – We withstand stressors from inside and outside and adjust well with new business dynamics and competitive realities.

C Commitment – We are dedicated to the success of our people in the Value Chain System and the community.

Advisory Board

MedCIRC believes that an Analytical, Practical, Imaginative and Rational advisory board can bring benefits to the organisation via:
a. Drawing on the experience, skills and knowledge of people who have practical experience in the business or strategies of like industry organisations;
b. Enhance the organisation’s reputation and credibility in the marketplace;
c. Increase consumer and investor confidence;